Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reason for this Blog

Ops ... looks like ARK Group decided they did not want to fund two facilitators afterall for this seminar so I'm no longer involved in the project ... this Blog has therefore become redundant ...
sorry for any inconvenience.

I shall, though, be in Singapore early in June running a series of half day sessions on web 2.0 topics, you'll be able to find details closer to the date at

The reason for this Blog ... is (was) quite simple ... to practice what we preach.
Hopefully it will help us as facilitators to better design the event to be more relevant to your needs and hopes for the two days.
It should also help you, as participants, to better understand what you are coming to and to share any relevant experiences you have in this field before we meet face to face.

Plus it looks pretty flash that we could knock this Blog together in less than an hour .. so just call us 'show-offs' ... but you'll also be able to do this yourself after the event ... if you ask for that to be part of the programme.


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